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3 Tips for Choosing Your Door & Cabinet Hardware

Posted:November 15 2018

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know how important door and cabinet hardware are to the overall décor of a home or commercial space. Even though we’ve been doing this for decades, it still amazes us every time we see the huge difference that something so seemingly small can make. But there’s… Read More

Why Drawers Are Better Than Cabinets Below the Kitchen Counter

Posted:October 18 2018

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If you find the title of this post boring and your reaction is ‘who cares?’, you’ve never had to organize and/or use a kitchen. If you have organized and/or used a kitchen, and you have cabinets below the kitchen counter, this could be one of the most important kitchen organization posts you’ve ever read. The… Read More

Want Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Look it’s Best? Avoid These Cabinet Painting Mistakes

Posted:September 24 2018

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Fantastic! You’re ready to try some of the advice we’ve offered in the past and makeover your kitchen instead of going through a costly, time-consuming renovation. Of course, the one touch that tops off your redecorating project will be the kitchen cabinet hardware you choose. But, even if you bought the most exquisite, universally appealing… Read More

How to Find the Right Cabinet Hardware

Posted:August 24 2018

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If it’s time to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, you have more than enough to think about. They are the two most ‘design-complex’ rooms in your home. To explain, while redecorating most rooms in your home can involve decisions like furniture styles, wall colours, accessories and lighting, those are just the beginning of the considerations… Read More

Is Architectural Door Hardware Becoming Cool?

Posted:July 16 2018

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Despite our best efforts here at ADH, architectural door hardware isn’t usually at the top of the list of design details for a home. Whether you’re working on your dream custom home, or just renovating to freshen up the décor, door handles and hinges are usually not even on the ‘to do’ list. Even with… Read More