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Get Ready for Something New in the New Year from Baldwin Hardware

Posted:December 20 2017

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First, we would like to wish all our customers, staff, designers, architects contractors and constructions professionals we work with best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season and New Year 2018. While we are all full of anticipation about each New Year, 2018 promises to start off in a great way for us here… Read More

Why You Should Consider Ageing-in-Place when You Reno Your Home

Posted:October 17 2017

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Even if things have cooled off somewhat recently in the Toronto real estate market, it’s still not for the faint of heart. From the lack of affordability, to concerns about the condition of the house, and simply finding the right location, buying a home in and around the city has never been more stressful than… Read More

How to Make Your Home Décor More Rustic this Fall

Posted:September 20 2017

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Every time it comes around, the autumn seems to be the favourite time of year for more and more people. From the vibrant colours to the cool, crisp air, there’s lots to like about the fall. If you like to decorate your home, the change is seasons is a great excuse to get back inside… Read More

How to Have a Custom Kitchen Without the Custom Costs

Posted:August 17 2017

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Most homeowners will put ‘custom kitchen’ close to the top of their wish list of home renos. But considering the tens of thousands of dollars a customized kitchen can cost, it might be on the wish list for a long time. If you want the custom-kitchen look and feel without the custom-kitchen cost, you’re in… Read More